Sunday, July 29, 2007

Luke and Kristin are quickly learning what this new parenting thing is, exhausting. They were right in their blog, Brayden isn't quite sure which end is up yet, except he isn't missing many meals, his two-hour clock is working very well on that.

Typical baby; likes to eat and be held, hates a bath and gas, is a good sleeper once he's decided it's time. Nothing surprising there Brayden. You are in charge.

Terry is in Dallas, so I'm with Kristin and Luke until Wednesday afternoon when Gigi arrives again. Luke is off tomorrow, so it's great spending time with him as well as Kristin and Brayden. They are great parents. My daughter chose well!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The ilixir of life. I have tasted. I have smelled. It is good, finally. How about them eyes!!!
Terry's first words to me on the phone when she called three weeks ago today were, "I'm in love!" I can only echo that sentiment. Thank you Luke, Kristin, and Brayden. I love all three of you. Life can now begin again.
We're in Texas, waiting for Brayden to wake up from his nap. I guess that's when the "baby smelling" will really begin.

Thought I would pull one of my father's tricks by shaking his bed to wake him up, like he did with both of my girls, but Gigi is never too far away, and she will have nothing of it; "the boy needs his sleep. "

Oh well, I waited three weeks, what's another hour.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wanted to give you all a bit of good news this morning. While watching the Today show, my main source for all news that is good and meaningful, a psychologists said that Gossip is an acquired social skill when not used in demeaning ways, not a character flaw. I thought you would all be interested in knowing that's one less thing we need to worry about.

No worries, it won't be long before those who participate in gossip in demeaning ways will be declared mentally unstable and carriers of a new illness. Great to know that our psychologists keep coming up with great ways to describe our willingness to participate in sinful behavior. What will they declare for Michael Vick and Lindsay Lohan with the events of this past week?

That's my rant for the day.

On another note, I leave today to see my new grandson. I can't wait. We're driving to Texarkana today, and on to Harker Heights, TX tomorrow, where I'll finally smell baby; yeah!!!

I'll send pictures.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

WELCOME HOME BRAYDEN. The picture above is one of Brayden's wall, a copy of Pooh's home in the tree that "Gigi" painted there when we were visiting on spring break. They can't wait for Brayden to see it, er, whatever that may mean for him at this time.
Oh, by the way, Brayden gets to come home today, probably this afternoon. Terry is preparing the house for his arrival. Kristin and Luke spent the night with Brayden in the hospital. Luke can sleep in any position, on any surface, so don't think that was an issue. Brayden waking up every two hours, now that's another story. Welcome to the world of, as Kristin put it to me on the phone this morning, "Brayden's will be done."

I'm on my way to NYC in St. Louis. Not sure when I'll get to do this again, so wanted to let you all know that I'm alive, just probably exhausted. I'm looking forward to a great week, life altering for many students.

Pray for the leadership team with me that God use them, and annoint this event for the sake of the future of his Kingdom. It all kicks off Tuesday night, running through Sunday. I get to go home on the 16, only to have inner ear surgery on the 17. Terry is hoping beyond hope that her husband will be able to hear again, or will that be for the first time? Guess you will have to take that one up with her.

Until next time. I'll update on NYC and Brayden, not necessarily in that order, as time permits.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Well, it was 3:23 am on July 6 when Brayden Edward Sanders decided to come into this world, with a little coxing with some Petosine (is that spelled right?). I was in a deep sleep at my mom's when the phone rang, and I heard the most familiar voice in the world to me letting me know that I was a grandpa, and she was a gigi.

7.7 pounds, 17 inches long, coming in screaming just like his mother; welcome Brayden, we love you. It's exciting to know that I get to spend the rest of my lifetime showing you. I only hope I can be half the grandpa to you, that my dad was with my kids.

Okay, enough of that. Just wanted you all to know that short of my marriage and the birth of my two girls, this is the happiest day of my life. Let the fun begin.

Yes Susan and Scott and Linda and Chris, that means you are great aunts/uncles; my mom is a great-grandmother; and yes Sue and David, Don and Jean, and Jim a Laura; welcome to the world of Great-great aunts and uncles. We love you all, enjoy the pics, and know there are more to come.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Camp was awesome, but the most unique one I've ever experienced. There was a very oppresive spirit there, that I've never experience before. Kind of crazy, but God definitely showed himself to be faithful last week in Michigan. Thanks Matt.

I've driven 1000 miles in the last two days to see two interns, Kyle and Justin, thanks guys. That leaves me approximately 350 miles from home.

I'm still waiting for the arrival of Brayden, and Terry is in Texas pacing with Kristin. They are going to movies, taking trips to Target, playing dominos, and generally growing very impatient. All the waiting will be over some time Thursday or Friday, depending on how long Brayden fights off the induction schedule to take place at 6:00 Thursday morning. I'm real glad Terry is there, and it's killing me to not be there.

In St. Louis for NYC from the 7-16, and surgery on the 17. Can't cram much more into this summer. It's been good, but busy. It's late, I've driven 550 miles today, and I'm going to bed. Good night.