Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We Still Have Work to Do

Read an article from the New York Times about a high school in Georgia, that still has segregated proms. Guess I've been living with my head in the sand, but thought those times were long gone. You know what the sad thing in this was, and I guess not surprising to me, it wasn't the kids that wanted it that way, it was the parents.

Can you imagine, as an American person of color, showing up to a prom on Friday night to take pictures of your friends as they walk on the red carpet, into "their" prom, and after taking pictures, having to leave, and wait until Saturday night for "your" prom.

They talked with frustration about how they wished their friends, who were now 18, would stand up and change this, but confused by the acceptance of the way things were, especially considering some of them wouldn't be able to attend prom with the person they were dating, because they were at the "other" prom.

A couple of things.

One, WOW!

Two, it reminded me that there is no ministry to students that doesn't include ministry to parents.

P.S. The white students were invited to the Saturday night prom, the students of color were not invited to the Friday night prom, and would be escorted out by parents if they tried to go in. No white students showed up.