Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I cried today. I cried today as I read my babies blog about her baby. I cried today when I realized that I'm going to be a grandpa in 5 weeks. I didn't cry because I don't want to be a grandpa, I cried because that's my baby having a baby.

Can it really be true that she is having a baby? Man, how time flies. It just seems like it was a couple of easter's ago that we were anticipating what she and Luke are now anticipating. It all happens so fast, and now I get to do it all over again through my daughter. What a ride!

I'm so happy for them and us. Gigi, my wife's chosen name for "grandma", can't wait to be grandma, er, Gigi, and I can't wait to be grandpa; no, I'm not taking her suggested name of Pipi as my 'affectionate' title. Grandpa will do just fine.

But today it hit me, and I cried. This was a good cry, if you know what I mean. I love my girls.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Wow, over a month since my last blog?! Not sure what that says. I warned you that my attention to this would be scattered, so here we go again.

Laying in a bed in Madison, Wisconsin tonight, watching MASH, which by the way is still a great way to spend an evening.
I'm here for a meeting with church leaders to talk about ways we can partner together to equip laymen for youth ministry. I've thought about this a little, and I think the smaller churches have an advantage, being able to remain intergenerational by necessity, so now we need to see what we can do to remain that way. As the church grows, we don't have to ruin what we have by "compartmentalizing" and "specializing".
The picture was taken in Regina Mundi church in Johannesburg; yes, it is still speaking to me almost 6 months later. Not sure who wrote this, but I liked it.

Praying tomorrow that our conversation be about building God's kingdom and not validating our own.