Saturday, April 30, 2011


A Story, a Song, a Verse, and a Dance.

We just finished our academic year, including chapels, at Olivet, and it was a year that I think can be summed up in four words; story, song, verse, and dance.

It all started with a story, the story of the Prodigal, where we found ourselves dealing with the question, "who has our heart".

The song that was helping to shape our semester was, You've Stolen My Heart by Leland. A story, and a song helped us to discover that we don't have to move God's way, because he is constantly moving our way.

The verse we have been living in this semester is Philippians 4:8, responding to the call to think about and be shaped by words like truth, purity, honor, excellent, and humility. These are words we don't sit in a closet and think about, but words that shape how we live in relationship with each other. It's a call for us to "be" these things as we "think" about them.

There were many other "moments" this year, and this doesn't do justice to any of them; but it was capped off the last day of chapel by a dance; actually two.

One was an interpretive dance by 7 ladies to the song, You Are For Me by Kari Jobe. The other, a flash mob that interrupted me as I was closing my last message of the year, but there was no better way to end the year than watching 150 of our seniors dancing in the aisles of our new Centennial Chapel, celebrating their time at Olivet. It's worth the watch by the way. Check it out on youtube.

It was a day; it was a year. Story, song, verse, and dance. Not a bad rhythm to life.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Better not to write when tired.

I'm tired. I have some strong opinions about some things going on in my world, but I'm tired tonight, and want to be a person who writes with care, brings dignity to the conversation, seeks common ground, with the goal being to love.

So, I won't write what I feel like saying, because I'm tired, and don't want to be thrown into the same camp as some I've critiqued. I don't want to be misread, or not be able to think things through well enough so I don't misrepresent what I'm trying to say. Know what I mean?

Cause when you say something and post it, or tweet it, or update it, you can't take it back. I mean, you can delete it, or edit it, but some will have read it, and then your stuck with what they read. When you're tired, if you're like me, you can get the stupid's, and say things when you're not real concerned with what you're saying, or how you're saying it, you just say it. The stupid's are dangerous. I get the stupid's when I'm tired.

Tonight, I'm tired, and the best thing to do when tired is to sleep. Makin' me wonder if what we say, and how we say it, would change if we just took a good nap, or got a good night's sleep. So I'm going to stop typing before I say something dumb, that I later regret, and take a long, early spring, nap.