Thursday, August 27, 2009

In Kansas City

Well, kind of. Actually I'm in Lenexa, KS this week for USA Canada Council meetings. They have graciously created space to keep me around for four more years, really had to twist my arm. I love this group who help to shape events like Nazarene Youth Conference and District Leadership Conference. Besides the work, they are a fun group to be around. We work hard, laugh hard, and sometimes even play hard when time permits.

This week we begin planning on NYC 2011 in Louisville, KY. Head to the GMC this morning, and work all day today and tomorrow.

Couldn't sleep very well last night. Finally gave up the fight and got up at 5:00, and by 6:00 was already on my second cup of coffee. Might be a four cup morning before 8:00, that should keep me wired for a while.

I'll fly home Saturday, and Terry is picking me up to go downtown Chicago and spend some time with Chris and Kelli. In case you haven't heard, both of our girls are pregnant. Kelli is due some time in December, and Kristin is due some time in January. Gonna be a fun month for the Holcomb clan.

Also, I'm glad to report that as of September 24, we will no longer own a home in Indy. We sold it this past week, after four years of trying, so needless to say, Terry and I are thrilled. We are cutting our last material ties to a town we thoroughly loved living in, but have friends that give us a reason for return visits.

I've also gone public with the fact that this is my last year to be an RD. With some of the other responsibilities I've taken on at Olivet, there is too much going on for me the first couple of weeks before school starts and the first week. The fact that I'm writing this from Kansas City the first day of my Fall classes verifies that. I love what I do, and love being an RD, but something has to give, so that is it.

Well, guess you're caught up for now. Finishing my second cup of coffee, ready to fill it up again. Today I'll need all the artificial stimulant from caffeine I can get.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The summer is over!

Well, yours might not be, but mine definitely is. Terry and I got back last Thursday, and I hit the ground running. I'm excited and overwhelmed with what the Fall has for us. It will be busy, but life with college students is always exciting. Let me get you caught up on the new things that have taken place this Summer into this Fall.

Both of our daughters are expecting. Kelli is due the end of December, and Kristin is due early to mid January. Needless to say, our Christmas break will be more than eventful.

Luke, our son-in-law has been in Iraq since June 6, 2008, with the exception of a three-week leave, explaining #2 coming in January. Well, after a long wait, he finally arrived home on Tuesday. Terry and I made time on Sunday to welcome home a National Guard reserve group from this area on Sunday, and both stood on the side of the road, crying like babies thinking ahead two days to the homecoming that would be taking place in Killeen, TX with Luke, Kristin, and Brayden. Welcome home Luke!!

I took on a new role at Olivet last year, to develop leadership initiatives on campus. They won't fully kick in until next Fall, but I am taking on some responsibilities that I've not had before, like training student mentors for our incoming freshman class, the largest in the history around here. It's fun, challenging, and scary all at the same time; but I'm having a blast.

I'm still teaching, looking forward to a hopeful deer hunt in October, counting the days to welcoming into the world two new grandbabies, and hanging out in the NYI world of our church. Life is good, Terry is still just as beautiful and fun as ever, our girls are healthy and happily married, (duh), and we're about to become grandparents again.

Pics later. Hope you're life is full as well. God is good.