Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So what does tweeting mean?

I don't need anyone to define what twitter is all about, I tweet, but I've just begun to wonder in the last couple of weeks what it means to tweet. Is it arrogant for me to think that you actually want to know what I'm doing every hour of every day? Is it selfish of me to promote things that I'm involved in, thinking you care too? I know what you might be thinking, that if I'm just now starting to ask these questions, then I'm really ignorant. Maybe I am.

I was caught up in the twitter craze like everyone else; I watched my followers grow; I even followed someone when I was confronted about not following him when he was following me. I'm wimpy, I know.

Like living to see everyone's facebook status changing on the live feed isn't enough, now I tweet. And as you well know, it's much more than just a "status update". Here's what happens in my twitter world.

I know when someone is hunting, when someone is at the driving range, when someone is in class, working on their resume, in an accident, or taking their kids to swimming lessons. But I also know when someone is publishing a new book, speaking about the new book being published, blogging about what they said at a speaking engagement about the book they're publishing, and talking on the radio about their blog, where they write about a time they spoke to a group from a new book they are publishing. Oh, by the way, his book is coming out in March.

I'm just not sure what tweeting means anymore. Is it purely self-promotion in its various forms, be it talking through various mediums about your book, or just letting someone know you just got off the toilet. Do I really want to know that?

I was scolded this week for tweeting while driving, which in my state is against the law, and they were right, I was tweeting while driving, thereby breaking the law. (Glad Terry doesn't read this, and if you're her friend on facebook, don't write on her wall, this will be our little secret, 'cause I guarantee you, I'm not tweeting about this blog, although maybe more people would read my blog if I tweeted about it; and then maybe I could write a book, and speak on a radio station about the time I spoke at a university about what the book I was thinking about writing, that I'm sure would be published, and then I'd have something to really blog about, huh?).

See what I mean. So, what does tweeting mean anyway? Man, do I feel better.

Thanks for reading, and, er, would you tell someone about this, maybe even tweet my blog address so they will start reading more of what I write. That would really make me feel good about myself and the time I just spent writing this blog.

Hey, that'll tweet! And it's less than 115 characters (or whatever that number is), yahtzee. See you in twitterland.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Story of Giving

Our campus is no different than many groups of people all over this country, being moved by the scenes coming out of Haiti because of the earthquake. I know this is going to sound like I'm bragging, and I'm not, I'm just sayin'.

Because of this tragedy, we began to look at ways that our students could appropriately respond to the tremendous need represented now in Haiti. Last semester a student organization had already raised funds for the Haiti Water Project, a venture to build fresh water wells in Haiti. For every $4500 raised, a fresh water well could be placed in strategic locations to serve the community. They raised $2200 last semester. 100% of the proceeds go directly to this project.

They were pretty excited about that, so we decided to pick that up this semester to help address the present need. Our students were already familiar with the project, and it goes directly to where it is needed most. With the situation as it is on ground in Haiti, and no groups being allowed in for at least 6 months, we wanted to do something. This will be on our radar screen for the entire semester, and we already have an MIA trip planned there for March 2011. Serendipitous, we all know. That's just the way God works, isn't it? Anyhow, this week in chapel, we began to put the need, coupled with the project, in front of our students again. We didn't set a goal, we just decided to allow God to speak, and students to give as they felt led.

As of this morning, our campus has raised, in just three days, $9100, added to the $2200 raised from last semester, and we're just getting started. We did make the ask for each student to consider giving $10 throughout the semester, which would allow us to dig five freshwater wells, and as you can see, there is a reason we don't put caps or limits on what God can do in and through the lives of students. We have a running total, not a thermometer, because we are never done giving, are we?

We are an incredibly blessed country, university, and we've seen giving flow out of this blessing this week. So, in the midst of pretty lame statements being made by some, I believe in their hearts, well-meaning people, we continue to give, as the need continues to grow. We give out of our abundance, not a reaching down, but a reaching across to brothers and sisters who are no more deserving of this tragedy than we are, and no less deserving of basic needs than us either.

May God help us to never forget the less fortunate, marginalized, poor, disenfranchised, abused, neglected, and forgotten; who are recipients of the same gracious move of God their way as we are ours.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cleaning up God's messes

I'm sure you've all heard by now the comment made by Pat Robertson giving his reason for the earthquake in Haiti. If not, you can see it on youtube, under "pact with the devil". I don't want to comment anymore on his statement, but an observation from one of my students.

I teach a youth ministry class on Thursday nights, and we were talking about the theological constructs that are used for ministry, and how what people do and say gives us glimpses into their view of God. When talking about the Robertson video, he said:

"It was interesting to me that Pat Robertson believed God caused the earthquake as punishment for the Haitian people and their pagan beliefs, but at the same time was collecting money to send relief to them as well. Kind of like, God did this to them, but now we'll go in and clean up his mess. We'll rescue what God isn't willing to."

I thought that was very interesting.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm baack!

Okay, so I've been taking some serious, uh, let's just say stuff related to my lack of posting on my blog. I will blame it on twitter, although it has much more to do with my just being lazy, I guess. No better time to start again, at least for today, than by introducing you to the two newest members of my family.

No, Terry and I didn't get a dog, nor did the immaculate conception happen, our daughters each had a baby, 13 days apart. It's fun doing things in pairs, and Terry and I are already looking forward to Christmas 2010, with two one-year-olds, Jackson and Bradley, and one 3 1/2 year old, Brayden.

Well, here are the pics from today. See you again real soon; promise.