Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sitting outside in Michigan, waiting for a camp to start tomororw. Ever been somewhere, and not quite sure what you were doing; well that's me this week.

I prayed on the way here that three things would happen for me and the campers here this week:

1. That God would speak.
2. That we would listen to Him when he does.
3. That we would have the desire to respond and do whatever he asks when we hear.

Praying that during this week of change for our family, (Kristin's having a baby, in case you didn't know; which makes me a grandpa!), that God does some incredible things for a bunch of Sr. High campers, who are expecting to hear from him.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting ready for a three-and-a-half week period that will be both invigorating and life altering.

I'm leaving on Sunday to speak at a camp, will be coming home, only to leave and visit an intern in southern Kentucky, go to my mom's for the 4th, and home for one day to prep for NYC, being in St. Louis from the 7th-17th of July. For most this doesn't sound invigorating, but with the potential for life change, it really is.

The life-altering revolves around my daughter preparing for the arrival of her son, our first grandchild; needless to say, we are geeked. Gigi, my wife's affectionate name for "grandma", is heading to Texas on July 1 to spend 2-weeks, hopefully, if Brayden cooperates, with her new grandson, and a little time with the daughter and son-in-law, but be warned not to get in the way. We're really excited, Gigi, grandpa, and aunt Kelli, along with the rest of our family, and Luke's as well. This is a first for both sides, so we are waiting anxiously the arrival of Brayden. Amazing how an unborn can hold so many world's at bay without uttering a sound. According to Kristin, sloshing around, but no sounds yet. Ah, but my dear daughter and son-in-law, that will come; that will come.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Just spent the afternoon with 40 students who will be freshman at Olivet, most of them studying to be ministers. Man are they sharp. I'm encouraged by the caliber of student we have coming here in the fall, and it's great to know that God is faithful in raising up the next generation of leaders for "His" church. I need to be reminded from time to time that it's his.

It sure is a privilege to be where I am, doing what I'm doing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Spent the day at the beach yesterday and found out a few things:

One, I burn really easily, ouch.

Two, I couldn't live near a beach in the summer, I wouldn't get any work done.

Three, I love the beach.

Last, I don't slow down enough. When I spend a day just relaxing, reading, and listening, it's amazing how renewing it is. I wake up earlier, feel better, and hear more.

Maybe I should live near the beach.

Peterson's thought for the day: "The servants task is to be competent in the immediate affairs that have to do with what he knows of the desires of the Master. All the while he is also aware that there is far more going on, both good and evil, than he has any knowledge of. He lives, in other words, in a mystery but not in confusion." Pg. 174, The Jesus Way

Monday, June 11, 2007

Reading Peterson's new book, The Jesus Way. My postings for the next week will be shaped by what I've read.

Here is what's new for today:

"The long and short of it is that there is a lot more going on on the way than getting to a destination. And there is a lot more going on on the way that what we are doing. There is what God is doing." Peterson, The Jesus Way, pg. 97

Love how this couples with what Bono said in his speech at the President's Prayer breakfast.

". . .And this wise man said: 'Stop.' He said, 'Stop asking God to bless what you're doing. Get involved in what God is doing - because it's already blessed.'"

Sounds like Kingdom language to me.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sitting at the ACSD Conference, and realizing that we have a lot of work to do. Donald Miller spoke last night, and we really don't listen to each other; in the church. It's no wonder we have a difficult time dialoging with those who are outside the church.

We really need to learn to listen to each other. Just a quick analogy. Donald Miller talked last night about allowing Scripture to tell it's intended story, and not reading into it what it was never intended to say. At times we take too much liberty to shape it and say what we want to say. Farmer, our morning speaker, said he disagreed with Miller, meaning that the Bible is alive and still speaks today.

Miller never said it didn't. He never said that Scripture has peer in helping bring meaning to ouur life. What I think he was saying is that there isn't a fourth member of the trinity, that being Scripture.

Just wondering when we will be able to listen and be heard, without jumping right into apologetics and defending our faith. The world doesn't need to hear our apologetic, they do need to see and hear our story, and how our's is shaped by His. Am I making sense?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Watched the spelling bee last night. To be perfectly honest, and not trying to sound cruel, some of my prejudices toward homeschool children were confronted, watching the finals. And at the same time, I was amazed by the depth of thought that I realized was bouncing around in the brain of that 11-year-old, who admitted he didn't really like this competition because it was just memorization, and didn't involve the dynamic and intrigue of working with numbers. Man do I feel dumb.

So the question for me is, what have I done today to better myself. Typically my mind goes to a variety of things that usually revolve around my work. But want to know what I did?

I had breakfast with a young lady and her family that are now missionaries, but our life with her began when she was in 7th grade, serving as her youth pastor.

I also golfed this afternoon. My life was enriched through spending time with old and new friends. It's been a good day. Simple by some standards; not busy by many, but purely good.

Even though I can write that, too often my life doesn't allow me to enjoy the things I have just written about, because I wasn't "doing" anything. Like when Terry and I were walking on the beach earlier this week, was I doing anything? Really?

I'm trying to relearn what that means. What is doing? Memorizing words, eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel, golfing on a warm June day, picking up stones on the beach with the love of my life. Doing is life. I think I did some this week, and it feels really good.