Monday, May 16, 2011

It's a thumb ring!

I have a thumb ring, which is a ring you, or I, wear on your, or my, thumb. So, I have a friend that looked at the ring, and said, "what's up with that, trying to be hip".

And of course I said, yep, cause that's what I do. And if you know me, you know I didn't say that, wanted to, but didn't. My wife says I'm just too nice.

So, then I have a relative look at it and ask me when the tatoo is coming? People, it's a thumb ring. It's a ring I wear on my thumb.

Then last week, I had someone look at it, and ask me what it meant. I told them that when I was in Brazil, I was hanging out with my friend who is a pastor down there, and we went shopping. They had these really cool rings, that were stainless steel for only $10. I'm not a "ring" guy, but thought for the price, I'd get one that fit on my thumb, so that every time I spun it, played with it. took it off, looked at it, or heard annoying comments about it, I would pray for the church in Brazil. That's it, it reminds me to pray for my friend and the church in Brazil.

Man, was I ever relieved to have someone actually ask for the explanation of what the ring meant. It's a thumb ring!

I was thinking about that, and some of the conversations we are having in the church; er, not really conversations, because those have to go two ways. So for the sake of argument, and since I'm the one writing, we'll just call them conversations, even thought they're not. Anywho, before I digress too much, let me just say that my thumb ring makes me think of the way we communicate these days in the church. We don't seek to understand by asking questions, or getting to know someone, because we're not concerned with understanding or knowing, we're just concerned about being right.

Let my thumb ring serve as the example; very few people start with asking the explanation of why I wear a ring on my thumb, they just guess, or accuse, or imagine, which for many is very, very dangerous. When it seems to me it would be much easier to just ask, they choose instead to speculate. Instead of conversing, they do all the talking. In place of entering into relationship, they choose instead to stay away because, well, the wierdo wears a ring on his thumb!

Maybe the next time you wonder why someone says something, and you wonder what they meant, you should just ask them? Or if someone who claims to believe like you says something that sounds nothing like you believe, how about calling them instead of posting it on facebook or twitter? Or, if you claim you want to be in a dialogue or conversation with others, how about you make room for those you might not agree with, you might just learn something new about them and yourselves.

So, the next time you see me, and you see the ring on my thumb, you can feel free to ask me why I wear it, cause there might be more to it than a guy wearing a ring on his thumb.

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